Budget Hacks for College Life

Posted: February 01, 2017 To: Study
Content budget hacks for college life

Most of us do not have a “free ride” during college. Free rides are full scholarships with additional money for personal expenses or parents who are able to foot the tuition/board fees and provide additional funds for living expenses. No, most college students are on loans and grants, and are holding down part-time jobs to fund their other expenses.

Tight budgets are a basic reality. And no matter how many posts we read about 101 ways to eat Ramen noodles, we still need to take care of other basics – personal hygiene products, clothing, shoes, an occasional pizza and beer with our friends, and a host of other things and event that will cost.

The following area a few things that you may have not thought about – things that will stretch those few dollars a bit further.

1.Find those Re-Sale Shops

Need a microwave or a coffee maker for your room or apartment? Buying new is not smart. Hit a re-sale shop for such things. And, speaking of re-sale shops, you might be amazed at the clothing lines that are carried. Lots of wealthy people, of all sizes, donate clothing to non-profit re-sale shops, with labels you wouldn’t consider purchasing new. One of the nice things about being a college student is that all of that “label consciousness” that was so important in high school falls away. Students look for practical clothing, regardless of label. Still, you can find high-end stuff at amazing prices.

2.Yes, You Can Find a Free Lunch

Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open. There are a lot of programs offered on campuses these days that will provide free lunches, free snacks, etc. Hit them. Not only can you get a free meal but you may get exposed to important information. Never turn down a free meal.

3.Become a Coupon Groupie

You may think that coupons are for housewives who have the time to spend researching for deals. Not so. There are sites that will keep you alerted and provide coupons for great deals. Sign up for these notifications – when there is a buy one get one free offer for pizza, for example, you will certainly be able to find enough people to pitch in. Getting alerts has taken the work out of it.

4.Trash Picking Can Be a Good Thing

At the end of each semester, students graduate and leave campus for good. When they do, they throw out lots of great stuff that you may be able to use. Tables, lamps, rugs, and organizers are just a few of the things that you can find by trash picking. Free is always good.

5.Skip the Snack Machines

These are the biggest rip-offs on campus. Vendors prey upon students who are up late studying and run to machines for their drinks and snacks. Get together with some friends, pool your small amounts of cash, buy in bulk at the local discount grocery, and then divide it all up.

6.Cultivate Students who do Have Money

What can you offer that will benefit students who have the ability to pay? Are you a good writer? Do you have great math skills? Can you fix computers? Are you willing to clean rooms or do laundry? Assess your skills and see what you can offer. Many students earn plenty of money doing these things, without ever leaving campus.

These are just six ways for you to manage a tight budget while in school. There may be many others that you can find. Keep your eye out for opportunities. You may find that you can generate enough cash to live pretty well.

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