The All Nighter: Things You Need in Your ‘Tool Box’

Posted: January 31, 2017 To: Study
Content the all nighter things you need in your tool box

At some point in time, even the most well intentioned student with the best study habits will need to pull an all nighter. When work, social time, and other classes conflict with your ability to finish that big assignment, there is sometimes no choice but to stay up all night and get things done.

Of course, the point of an all nighter is to actually get something done. If you fall asleep at your desk or lose focus, staying up all night will be fruitless. You need planning and preparation. You need an all nighter tool kit. Here’s what you’ll need:

Caffeine But Not Too Much

There’s a good reason that nearly every stock photo depicting a student pulling an all nighter features a cup of coffee. Chances are, you will need the caffeine to stay focused and energized throughout the night.

Just a few words of warning. Don’t overdo it. If you don’t drink coffee at all, start with one cup. This isn’t the time to guzzle an energy drink. Jittery and nauseated is just as bad as tired and loopy. If you simply cannot tolerate caffeine in any form, try cold fruit juice or an icee/slushy type drink. The cold and sugar will help.

Some Comfortable Walking Shoes

If caffeine fails you and you start to doze off, a little physical activity might be in order. Throw some shoes on and go for a walk. If that’s not safe, or possible try doing a few wall push ups or other calisthenics. It’s been proven that exercise can improve brain function. You’ll feel more energized, and just might be able to push through the exhaustion and get your work done.

An Awesome Playlist

You probably  have a playlist for working out. You  might even have one for cleaning your dorm, and one for long car trips. Now, you need one for your all nighter. Pick energizing songs with varying beats. Be sure to vary things a bit. You don’t want to get bored with  your selections. Most importantly, make sure your playlist is plenty long enough. That way, you can just plug in your phone and go.

A Way to Keep Yourself Focused

The last thing you’ll want to do is reach the end of the night only to realize that you spent way too much time on SnapChat and playing Facebook games. Avoid these tempting distractions by using a timer. While the timer is running, focus solely on your work. Then, when the timer dings, give yourself a ten minute social media break. This is enough time to check messages and do a bit of reading, but not so much time that you have trouble getting back on task.

A List of a Few All Night Places With Free Wi-Fi

Your dorm room or bedroom might not be the best place to pull an all nighter. For one thing, having your bed nearby can be too tempting. Also, if you find yourself feeling sluggish, a change in scenery can  help. Scope out a few coffee shops, diners, and fast food places that are open all night, and have free Wi-Fi. Then, go spend a few hours there. Just be sure to sit in the slow section and leave a tip. It’s the considerate things to do.


The last item in your tool box is snacks. Not only will snacks keep you satiated and boost your energy levels, the physical activity of eating will give the more easily distracted parts of your brain something to do while you work. Try snacks you can eat out of hand such as popcorn, nuts, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, cut up fruit, string cheese, and yogurt tubes. Don’t forget to add in water, juice, or a big bottle of sports drink. If you get absolutely famished, never underestimate the value of a simple sandwich. The combination of a protein, carbs, and a bit of fat can be just what you need.


If you can, try to avoid all nighters as much as possible. They simply aren’t a sustainable way to study, and doing this regularly is seriously unhealthy. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind. They will help you make it through when you have no other choice but to stay up all night.

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