Hit The Grade Website And Policy Disclaimers

Thank you for visiting our disclaimers page. The purpose of this document is to lay out your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of our products or visitor to our web page. We will also define our rights and responsibilities as your writing service provider.

Please note that the following words will be used interchangeably: Customer, you, your, visitor, client, student, job seeker, business professional, etc. These words and other similar ones, when used throughout our website refer to anyone who visits our websites, contacts us for information, places an order, creates a customer account, or submits any content to us.

Likewise, terms such as us, our, we, Hit The Grade, HitThegrade, writing service, and HitTheGrade.com refer to our company.

Your Account And Contact Information

Your Account: When you place your first order with us, you will be asked to create a customer account. This will give you access to the customer portal where you can check the status of your orders, and communicate with your writer. You will also use the portal to upload and download various documents. This account is password protected, and we encourage you to create a strong password, and use common sense with regard to storing your password.

Your Contact Information: We collect and retain your contact information for a variety of reasons. We use it to contact you about existing orders, to send you important information, and to send you documents. We keep this information on secured servers, and will never provide it to third parties.

You are responsible for keeping your contact information up to date. In the event that an order is delayed or misrouted, due to inaccurate contact information, we are not responsible for any negative consequences that result.

Academic Resources And Notes

If you have specific academic resources you would like us to use, please provide links to them when you place your order. If a password is needed, your writer will contact you for that. If you have notes or other resources that are not available online, please upload these through your customer portal.

Paid Sources: Some online documents are only available if a fee is paid. Please be prepared to cover the cost of those fees should they apply to your order.

Timing: If you want your order completed in 48 hours or less, all materials must be uploaded within one hour. For three days to a week, please upload within four hours. For projects due in more than a week, 24 hours is acceptable. The exception to this is thesis and dissertation work. In these cases, your writer will work with you to determine the best deadline.

Making Payments

Payment Methods: We accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer.

Payment Security: We contract with a third party payment processor. They use secure technology including SSL and encryption to transmit and store any financial data.

Timing of Payments: Payment is expected in full prior to any work being done. If changes to any orders result in additional charges, those must be paid before work continues. Credits, if applicable are for use on future orders only.

Academic Honesty And Plagiarism

We guarantee that all products written by Hit The Grade writers are completely original. Proof of this will be provided upon request. Any complaints or accusations of plagiarism should be forwarded to our customer service team, along with accompanying evidence for immediate investigation. We are very proud to say that no accusations of plagiarism have ever been made against any of our writers.

Educational institutions have varying policies on academic honesty. While we do guarantee that our work is completely original, we cannot guarantee that our clients will not suffer from negative consequences if they disclose their business relationships with us to their school or other students.

Legality of Our Products And Services

Our legal department has verified that we are in compliance with laws in all regions where we conduct business. While we are unaware that using our services would be a violation of any legal statute, the responsibility of determining this is on the customer.

Refunds And Credits

It is not our policy to issue refunds. In the very rare event that we would issue a refund, it would be on a case by case basis involving very extreme circumstances. However, your satisfaction is a priority. Because of this, in any case where we cannot fully meet the highest of expectations, a credit towards future orders may be offered.


Please review our revision policy for more information on this.


We are 100% committed to delivering out products to you on or before the due date. If we fail to do this for any reason, we will offer a discount or credit for your inconvenience. We strongly recommend that you leave some time between the deadline you give to us, and the day your paper is due. This will give you time to add any customization or request revisions.

Because computer systems can be impacted by natural disasters, and other events beyond our control, be aware that we are not responsible for missed deadlines due to system failures.

Missed deadlines that can be attributed to failure on the part of the client to respond to questions, make payment, or upload materials are not our responsibility. The same applies for inaccurate contact information.

Cancelling Orders

Order cancellations are accepted at any time. However, the credit you will receive will be calculated at our discretion. The amount will be prorated based upon the amount of work completed, length of assignment, and number of days until the deadline.

Customer Service

Customer services is available by phone, email, and online 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Use of Our Products

Our products are for reference and example purposes only. Once downloaded, they become the property of the client. We do not give permission for any documents to be sold or distributed, except as part of work published for academic or business purposes. They are not to be resold.

The use of our products are solely the responsibility of the client. We take no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use and misuse of our products.

Questions or Comments

Please contact us with any questions or comments. We will be happy to clarify.

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