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“Dissertations are so much fun” – said no Ph.D. candidate ever. They are, in fact, hard work – very hard work. Spending 12-18 months researching, conducting original research, meeting with advisor and committee, writing, writing, writing, editing, editing, editing – it is a grueling endeavor. And it causes stress, anxiety, and the need to get help.

It’s Common

Very few Ph.D. candidates get through their dissertations without help. And often that help comes from online dissertation services, if a reputable and professional one can be found. There are a few companies that provide scholarly dissertation online help, and HittheGrade.com is one of them. Why? Because we have a team of Ph.D. academicians from all curricular fields to provide dissertation writing help to students in their specific fields.

We are One of the Best Dissertation Writing Services – Here’s Why

We have spent a lot of time, finding dissertation consultants with wonderful credentials. Many of them are retired professors in their fields; others have worked and researched in their fields. When you make the choice to use our dissertation service, here is what you get:

  1. You are in control. You decide exactly what type of dissertation help service you want/need, and your consultant follows your lead at all times. Perhaps you only need the research for your literature review; perhaps you need help designing your research and the instruments you will use; perhaps you need only the statistical analysis; perhaps you struggle with scholarly writing. We will never push you into more or less than you actually need.
  2. Direct Communication: You and your consultant are a team – you collaborate; you discuss; you review what is done and approve or ask for changes. All of this has to occur with constant conversation, and that is exactly what occurs until you are completely happy with the result.
  3. Progressive Delivery and Payment: Dissertations are major works. If the dissertation writing help you request is lengthy, then your consultant will deliver it in segments. You can then review each part as it is completed and ensure that you have exactly what you want before moving on. We will also work out progressive payments, so your budget is not exploded.
  4. Confidentiality. Our dissertation help service is private and confidential. Our system has you identified by a number, and your personal information is encrypted. Never do we reveal the identities of our clients to anyone – not ever.
  5. Your Deadlines are Our Mandates: Your advisor and committee expect you to stick to the timeline you have provided to them. You give us your deadlines, and we will meet them without exception.

When You Are Ready

If you are struggling; if you are running out of time; if you are just stuck, it’s time to get that help you need. With Hit the Grade dissertation service, you will get a Ph.D. in your research field, you will get personal communication, you will enjoy confidentiality, and your finished product will be exactly as you have envisioned.

Just contact our customer support department, discuss your need, and we’ll do the rest.

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