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Money Back Guarantee Policy For Hit The Grade

We very rarely receive refund requests. We work very hard to gather as much information we need from our clients, use highly qualified writers, and encourage open communications. This usually ensures that all projects are finished on time, and meet the customer’s standards.

In addition to this, we have a very well designed quality assurance program. This means that every work of writing we produce is reviewed before being sent to the customer. This includes ensuring that proper research methods were used, and that the customer’s instructions were followed to the letter. Our generous revisions policy even allows customers to request changes if they need to. Finally, we check each paper for complete originality.

As a matter of policy, we rarely issue refunds. We do however have policies in place that allow us to compensate clients with credits towards future orders. These are detailed below.

Order Cancellation

There are various scenarios where a customer might need to cancel an order they have placed. We do our best to work with customers in these situations, and to save them as much money as possible. This includes making accommodations on our end. However, in many cases, the need to cancel the order involves factors beyond our control.

In the event that an order has been placed, but is cancelled before it is processed and assigned, a full refund will be credited. Once a writer has been assigned, we will prorate a credit to be used on a future order. This is because we must pay our writers for any partially completed work. No refunds or credits will be issued once a paper has been complete.

Issues With Deadlines

Our track record, when it comes to meeting deadlines is almost perfect. In the rare case that a deadline is missed, it can almost always be attributed to a personal emergency or illness impacting the writer. When this happens, a substitute will quickly jump in and finish the work. However, a delay may still  happen. Late work will result in a prorated refund or credit.

However, if missed deadlines happen due to the customer’s failure to upload materials, answer questions, or make payments, no refund will be made available. Missed deadlines due to natural disasters, power outages, or other things beyond our control will be dealt with at our discretion.

Duplicate Orders

If a customer accidentally places the same order twice or is double billed, we will issue a full refund on the duplicate order. Fortunately, our tech team has implemented software to prevent this in almost all cases. However, if a customer does receive duplicate order confirmations, or notices a double charge on a billing statement, they should contact us immediately. Our customer service team will let them know what documentation they need to provide so that a refund can be correctly routed.

Ordering Mistakes

We provide plenty of space for customers to provide very detailed instructions about their assignments. We rely on these to assign orders to the correct writer. In addition to this, our writers use these instructions when researching and writing.

If the instructions provided by the customer are incomplete or incorrect, they might receive a final product that does not meet their needs. While we do not want this to happen, we cannot be held accountable for this.

Each order confirmation includes the details of the order. We encourage everybody to read them thoroughly. The sooner customers catch and report any mistakes they have made, the sooner we can reassign the work or inform the writer of changes. Failure to report changes in a timely manner can result in delays.

Lack of Writer Availability

We have only had this happen on a very few occasions. This is because we staff so many writers with qualifications in so many academic disciplines and careers. If a customer places an order, and makes a payment, and we are unable to find a suitable, available writer we will provide them with a full refund.

If a writer is unable to complete a revision request, we will offer the client the opportunity to use another writer. If that is not satisfactory to them, we will issue a credit.

Quality Issues And Complaints

If a customer feels that the work they receive is not satisfactory, they may ask for changes under our revision policy. However, we will not issue a refund or credit in most instances. The exception to this may be considered if the writer has made gross errors, or failed to follow the client’s instructions at all. These are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Failing or Academic Dishonesty

Because we do not have insights into your assignments or your instructor’s preferences, we cannot guarantee a good grade. However, we always want our customers to be satisfied. If you earn a low grade using one of our papers, please send us proof. A screenshot, or copy of an email will suffice. If we believe that writer error was a factor, we will give you a credit towards a future order.

If you are accused of academic dishonesty that specifically relates to plagiarism, please inform us. We will need proof, including official statements from your instructor or school stating that you  have been accused of plagiarism. We will also  need evidence from an academically recognized plagiarism scanning utility. Any proven acts of plagiarism will result in termination of the writer, a full refund for the customer, and a deep discount on any future orders.

Please note that no accusations of plagiarism have ever been made by any of our customers, let alone proven. However, we have this policy in place for our protection and yours.

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