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If you need online essay writing help, only the best will do. After all,  your GPA and academic standing are at stake. Before making your choice, you’ll want to do your research. Since you are here, we hope you are strongly considering hiring an online essay writer from HitTheGrade. We can assure you that our writers are the best in the business.

Our Pro Essay Writer Requirements

Lots of companies have essay writers for hire. None of them offer what we do. Our writers are a large and very talented pool of men and women from a variety of backgrounds. This diverse group has varying interests and specialties. However, they all  have several things in common as well.

All of our writers have obtained a master’s degree or equivalent from a college or university in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, or a territory of one of those nations. We are proud to have several Phds on board as well. All of our writers have passed examinations evaluating their written and spoken English skills. We also insist that our writers have real world experience in their areas of specialty, and that they have been published. Once they pass all of our screening requirements, they undergo an intensive training program.

We require them to complete an intensive writing assignment that requires lots of research, and they must complete it within a very tight deadline. It is only then that they are allowed to write for us. If you have been wondering, ‘who can write my essay?’, you won’t do any better than using a writer from

Interacting With Your Writer

We hope that you do make the choice to hire us to work on your essays and other academic assignments. Our online essay writing services include the exclusive right to contact your writer directly. All you will  need to do is is log into your customer account. From there, you and your writer will be able to message one another. This means that you can get status updates, ask questions, give additional instructions, and respond to questions your writer has for you. We believe this helps to ensure that your essay is just the way that you want it.

Here’s some really good  news! If you really like your writer, you can request them for future assignments. There is a place on the order form to request a specific writer. We cannot always honor these requests. However, if your writer is available, your assignment will be their top priority.

Some Info About The Rest of Our Team

While our writers are a huge part of our team, they aren’t the only ones who play a role in your essay being completed. We have a technical staff who ensure our website is up and running and that you can place orders and check on your current assignments. Then, we have a customer service staff. They are available online or over the phone to answer whatever questions you have, and to help you any time you need it. Finally, our quality assurance team checks and double checks each order for perfection before it is sent to you. Any time you are wondering, ‘who can write an essay for me?’, just remember that we have an entire team of talented folks ready to help you.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you have a tough essay assignment, don’t wait and worry. Send it our way, and one of our talented writers will get right to work. You can relax, knowing your assignment is in good hands. One click and you can place your order right now.

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