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At Hit The Grade, we have multiple goals. We want to produce quality written works, use proven and respected research methodologies, and provide our clients with the best customer service in the academic and business writing industry. We want each customer to be completely satisfied with the products and services they receive. We consider this to be part of our core business model that includes respect, honesty, transparency, and quality.

Because of this, we have established a fair and reasonable revision policy. Below, we will cover the various scenarios in which a customer might request a revision. This policy document is intended to cover both free and paid revisions.

Fortunately, because of our business model, revision requests are quite rare. The combination of open lines of communications, the ability for the client to provide detailed instructions, and quality control procedures usually mean that customers are more than happy with the work they receive. In addition to this, when projects are long or complex, we usually provide customers with drafts and samples so that we can be sure they are a happy with what they receive.

In the rare cases where a customer is not completely happy, we do offer several revision options. Please read this document carefully. It describes your rights and responsibilities relating to this policy.

How to Request a Revision

  • If you check your customer portal on a regular basis, you will see a message indicating that your writing assignment is finished. If you do not, we will inform you via email. When this happens, you can open up the final draft, and review it. If you are satisfied, all you need to do is take the option to download it.
  • If you are not happy, just click the button to ask for a revision. You will be able to enter in what you want revised and why. Other options available to you, are to message your writer directly or to contact customer service. If you believe that the revision is needed due to writer error or failure to follow the instructions provided, please indicate that.
  • Please send revision requests promptly. This increases the likelihood that your writer will be available to work on the request. It also ensures that the subject matter remains fresh in the writer’s mind.
  • When your revision has been completed, you will be sent another notification and another email. You can review the draft again, and then download it. Depending on the exact circumstance (as described below), we will continue making revisions until you are satisfied.
  • If you would like a different writer to work on your revision, just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate that request.
  • Please note that we will make the final determination on whether or not a revision requests qualifies under our free revision policy. However, we do try to be as ‘customer friendly’ as possible when making these decisions.

Revision Request Deadlines

We can best serve you if you provide us with revision requests immediately. However, we do recognize that it may take awhile to review longer drafts and written works that contain multiple components. Because of this, we have opted to give a seven day deadline for requesting free revisions. If you request a revision after this, you will be charged a fee. The exception to this is for orders of more than 20 pages. In those instances, you will have a full fourteen days to  make your request.

Policies on Free Revisions

We will happily provide free revisions when any of the following scenarios occur:

  • The Writer Has Failed to Follow Your Instructions to The Letter
  • Quality Control Misses Extensive Spelling Grammar or Factual Errors
  • Any Component of Your Order is Missing
  • You Require a Small Change in Formatting or Wording
  • A Miscommunication Causes The Writer to Misunderstand Your Request

Fee Based Revisions Policies

If you do not qualify for free revisions, do not fret. Our rates for paid revisions are very reasonable, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Here are the scenarios where a paid revision would be offered instead of a free revision.

  • Revision requests that provide new instructions or requests that were not included in the original order.
  • The seven or fourteen day deadline has passed.

As with your original order, we will not begin work on paid revisions until we have received payment from you. Please contact customer support so that a fee can be determined, and you can remit payment.

A final note: Clear and consistent communication between clients and writers can go very far in helping to avoid the need for revisions. Please communicate with your writer on a regular basis. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us with them.

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