Environmental Health and Safety

Posted: January 31, 2017

Implementation of computer based training

In the course of implementing training programs that are computer based, there are several health safety measures that stakeholders will critically take into consideration in order to avoid health risks. Among the health policies that will be regarded in the process of adopting computer trainings include, monitoring users positions, adoption of time breaks, presentation of light-lenses besides other performance policies.

A number of research activities have shown that prolonged use of computing devices is a key leading factor to various disease that are lifestyle related. As a result of this, managers of the whole learning process should adopt time limits that each user is allowed to access the devices. This should be embedded in the health policies that every user is expected to conform. Constant professional advice should also be to limit cases of stress and other muscle injuries related with prolonged use of computers. Close collaboration between the trainers and users in adopting the various health concerns will limit possibilities of infections such as carpal tunnel syndrome being realized. 

Muscle soreness and muscle exhaustion are the most widely recognized protests of customary PC clients. Back agony, mid-section torment, torment or deadness in arms, shoulder and feet beat the rundown. These sorts of issues mostly happen on the grounds that your stance while utilizing the PC is not right. It is possible that you are perched on an uncomfortable seat or your workstation is not steady of right stance.

On the part of the users, in order to prevent unauthorized access that could compromise health standards, restrictions such as use biometric passwords will help in limiting unnecessary access into the systems. 

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