Family Nurse Practitioner

Posted: January 31, 2017

With the complexity of healthcare and inadequacy of care physicians, family care practitioners are now taking their place in the primary care of the patients (Johnson et al., 2016). They help in managing chronic illnesses, performing diagnostic tests, and also conduct physical exams. One of the emerging trends in family nurse care is the integrated care. Since 2015, great strides have been made in integrating family nurse care and psychiatric care. Integrating healthcare not only reduces the overall cost, but also improves the patient’s outcome (Lacny et al., 2016). The second trend is the high demand for academics, as many PhD-holders are retiring from their duties. The younger generation of family nurses should advance their education and fill the gaps. The third trend is the increasing need for specialized knowledge in the family nurse care to deal with the range of problems such as obesity-related illnesses.

The first strategy that will address these current trends is collaborative care. A family nurse practitioner treats the patients within the contexts of their family. Besides, they focus on family dynamics where they have consultative and referral relationships with pharmacists, physicians, and psychologists (Ellis, Anderson, & Spencer, 2015). This promotes communication, positive health outcomes, and health management. The second strategy is awarding scholarships to junior nurses so that they can advance their knowledge. Nursing schools are very expensive, so this would provide a solution to get an advanced family nurse.

My personal philosophy as a family nurse practitioner is that caring is a moral obligation that safeguards the right of a patient to human dignity (Fulton & Clark, 2016). I chose this field of practice because my demeanor and disposition suit well for caring for others. Personally, I get satisfaction for providing care to my patients and taking care of individuals with a diverse background. My goal is to assist my clients in getting maximum health potential.

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