Randy Poe Book Report: "Stalking the Red-Headed Stranger"

Posted: January 31, 2017

Inspiring Life Lessons

The book "Stalking the Red-Headed Stranger" by Randy Poe gives a lot of inspiring life lessons to individuals who wish to become songwriters. The inspiring life lesson of never giving up on finding the right musician to sing the song written by an artist is depicted in the book. It is noticed when Poe travels over 8000 miles with the hope that he will get Willie Nelson so that he would sing his work. Poe uses planes, buses, rental cars, taxicabs, and a ferry just to ensure that his songs get to the hands of Willie, who was a great singer (Poe 116). Therefore, from this segment of the story, the lesson learned here is the fact that one should be aggressive in getting his/her works to reach into the hands of a good musician to record the song through hard work and self-belief.

The aspects of oneself believe are also postulated in the book by Poe as a life inspiration lesson. In the book, Poe writes down a song and feels that it is the best, and it needs to get into the hands of Willie. He believes that when he gets to see Willie, he will like his song and accept to record it. Thus, from the book, we learn that once you write your song, do not fear that it is not the best but rather believe in yourself and get it to the right singer for recording without hesitation.

We learn that it is good to begin from somewhere before achieving your most aspired dream. For instance, Poe started as a DJ in Alabama, and he was an excellent typist. Despite him knowing the talent beneath him, he worked hard and proceeded to work with a publishing company where he launched the beginning of his job since he was able to meet people in the industry. From that point, Poe went on and finally became a big man in the songwriting industry in the United States. Therefore, in life, to reach your most desired dream, you need to begin from the bottom and work progressively towards the desired vision and with the required energy, and you will finally achieve the dream (Poe 120).

Important Music Business Lessons

Networking is one of the important lessons drawn from the book. For instance, Poe states in the book that one needs to know best singers who can do his/her song as he/she wants it to be done. One can only do this through great networking in knowing the musicians in the industry in and out, their capabilities and from all these, be able to choose the best. It would greatly assist in boosting one's business of songwriting which would market him/her to a larger market (Poe 206).

The Author also gives the important lesson of knowing when to plug your songs and when not to after you get into contact with the people of the music industry. He warns of some individuals in the industry who pretend to be promoters who lie that they would get the song to the singer that you wish to, but they later turn it to be their work. The author states that if one is really into the music business, then he/she should work hard to meet the real people and then plug his/her song when conditions are clearly set and agreed upon. It will help in boosting your business performance in the music business (Poe 209).

Poe similarly gives an account of how certain steps taken by a songwriter lead to another one in the music industry. For instance, he stresses that getting the right person to record your song would highly market your lyrics to outside world. Hence, it would lead to you getting many clients who would expand your business in music hence generating much profit. He says that it can even lead to one opening a company just for the music business. Conversely, getting your song to the wrong person would result in its dying at an early moment hence killing your talent of songwriting (Poe 214). Therefore, it is important to learn the consequences of the various decisions that one makes before taking the song to the music business for great prosperity.

Relation to Career Life and Goals

Considering the lessons learned from the book in both life and business perspectives, they have an excellent relation to my career life and goals. First, I would want to write songs that would reach big numbers of people around the world. The book has helped me learn how to ensure this happens through the selection of the right singer to record my song. Secondly, being a songwriter, I would need to have the energy of working towards achieving the goal of my life. For instance, if my goal is to make sure my songs are recorded and done by the top musicians in the world, I should, therefore, be ready to get this done through hard work and employment of the right energy. Thirdly, I would not want to write a song and later let it land in the hands of the wrong people pretending to be the real promoters. Therefore, it would require me to be much careful before plugging my songs to anyone for the sake of my music business prosperity and survival.

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