Terms of Use

Hit The Grade Terms of Use

Our terms of use contains the agreement in full that exists between us and anyone using our products or services. This document also extends to visitors of this website. If you are accessing our website for any reason, you are bound by these terms of use. This is also extended to those who contact us through digital means for any reason. All customers and visitors are responsible for reading this document. If you object to any of the terms in this document, we recommend that you do not order products or use our website for any reason.

Glossary of Relevant Words And Phrases

Company, HitTheGrade.com, Hit The Grade, HitTheGrade, us, our, the company, writing service, etc. are words that are used throughout this document and our website. They refer to the business HitTheGrade.com, our employees, and our contractors.

Customer, you, yours, client, student, job seeker, visitor, person, or individual are terms used to describe anyone who purchases products or services from us, or who uses our website for any purpose.

Documents, deliverables, papers, articles, blogs, and other terms refer to the products that we sell.

Writing, editing, proofreading, consulting, and advising are terms used to describe our services.

An order is an agreement to provide products or services for payment.

Use of Documents From Hit The Grade

We conduct intensive research in order to provide papers, and related services to our clients. Once they receive the products they have ordered, the customer agrees that they will only use that for personal use. They will not share or sell any of our products to others. If this is violated, we are not liable in the event that academic, professional or legal consequences result. If we are negatively impacted by this, we reserve the right to take legal action.

Legal Jurisdiction And Authority

We have obtained verification through our legal connections that we are in full compliance with the laws where we are headquartered and where we do business. However, we cannot provide visitors or customers with legal advice. They must do their own due diligence to ensure that they are in compliance with laws that impact the use of the internet to make purchases.

Our Policy Pages

We have multiple policy pages on our website. These include our revision policy page which addresses the specifics about when customers are entitled to free or paid revisions, our money back guarantee policy addressing refunds and credits, our privacy policy describing the ways in which we protect  your data, and our disclaimer page which provides further clarification on our operations.

When Customers Place an Order

Orders are normally placed through our website using the order form that we have provided. We expect the consumer to provide accurate information. In turn, we provide them with a price that is based upon the information provided.

Once their order is placed, the customer will be routed to our online shopping cart. There, they will submit the information needed to make a payment. Once we receive verification that payment has been approved and verified, we will start the process of assigning their order to writer.

All customers will be contacted once work begins on their document. They will receive information on contacting their writer

Customers are responsible for communicating with their writer, and answering any questions or requests for clarification. In addition to this, any notes or resources must be provided in a timely manner.

Hit The Grade is not responsible for delays due to natural disasters, or failure on the part of the customer to provide information or to respond to communications.

Finally, when a customer receives their final product, they will be given the opportunity to review it. It is the customer’s responsibility to do this in a timely manner and request any revisions. No revision requests will be accepted after one week.

Terms of Use Changes

These terms of use, and our other policies may be changed without notices. Once these changes are published, visitors and consumers are responsible for adhering to them. They are also bound to them by implied agreement.

Advertisements And Links

At any given time, a variety of advertisements and external links may appear on our website. While we do our best to vet all that we can, we cannot guarantee the security, or veracity of any of these.

If  you choose to click on a link or advertisement, we are not responsible for any of that content. Further, any privacy or security guarantees that we provide to customers on our site, do not apply to any other websites.

Clicking on external links is something that visitors due at their own risk.  However, we do encourage anybody who feels as if a link or advertisement is offensive or corrupt to let us know.


This document can change at any time. Please bookmark this page and visit it frequently.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us. We are always available to answer your questions.

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