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Our team of professional writers takes full responsibility for providing you with the best result you can find. Why keep googling when you can give it to us? We guarantee high-quality custom essays and other academic papers whenever you need them!

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HitTheGrade team guarantees the best quality service you can find. And what is also important - for a reasonable price. Also we offer a lot of discounts and promo codes so that you can save money and get perfect paper at the same time.

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Client Service

We are customer-friendly service. Your comfort means a lot to us. That is why we give the fastest possible resolution to any question or problem you might have.

We Are Ready to Help You Hit The Grade

Welcome to HitTheGrade.com. We aren’t your average essay writing service. Instead, we are your partner in success. We will be there to meet your writing needs, whether they apply to academics, your professional life, or your career.

We consist of a diverse team of writers with wide ranging expertise, editors, customer service agents, and operations staff who keep things running smoothly. Our overall goal is to be the essay service students and professionals trust.

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As a premium essay writing service, we offer a variety of services. These include:

  • Essays Term Papers And Research Papers
  • Resumes And CV
  • Admissions Essays And Personal Statements
  • Movie And Book Reviews and Reports
  • Academic Articles
  • Thesis And Dissertation Consulting
  • Lab Reports
  • Equations And Problem Solving
  • Case Studies
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Blog And Web Content
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Creative Writing
  • Coursework
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Business Plans And Proposals
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Materials

If you don’t see what you need on this list, please contact customer service or check out our services page for more information. We can tackle virtually any writing need, even ones that aren’t listed here.

Our Guarantees

We know we aren’t your only option when it comes to custom essay writing. Because of this, we have made the concept of building trust the core of our business model. Our values include respect, honesty, transparency, quality, and responsibility. Keep reading to see how we apply each principle in our guarantees.

Respect: We respect your time. We are committed to providing all documents to you on or before the day they are due. We also respect your right to privacy and security. All information you give to us will be held in confidence. Our payment processor is secure, and guarantees the safety of your financial information.

Honesty: We strive to provide accurate, upfront pricing. In addition to this, we will inform you in the event that new charges should be imminent. You will never be surprised by extra charges. We will also be completely honest with you in all communications.

Transparency: Once you place an order, you will communicate directly with your writer. You can ask questions, send messages, and make requests directly to them via our customer portal. Status updates will be available to you whenever you need them.

Quality: When you receive your document, it will be 100% original and written just for you. In addition to that, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.

Responsibility: If we make any error or fail to meet your stated expectations, we will make it right. This could include free revisions, discounts and credits, or bonus services.

Here’s How it Works

Essay writing help is just minutes away. All you have to do is click on the order form on our website. Then, just fill in some personal information, select the service you need, and provide us with the details of your request. Once your order is submitted, and payment has been made, a writer will be hand selected.

Let’s Stay Connected

Even if you don’t need essay writing help today, we encourage you to create an account, and sign up for email updates. Remember that our customer service agents are available anytime day or night. They are happy to answer questions about our services.

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We do everything to protect our customers from any kind of scam. See our Privacy Policy and make sure you know everything about our protection system and your rights.


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